Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why I am like the Little Red Hen

I am not little. The only thing red about me is the blood in my CRIMSON veins. I don't live in the country or keep chickens. And I am not poultry. (Although, frankly, that would maybe be awesome if I was an actual chicken writing a blog. A real life version of Click, Clack, Moo! I could make millions.)

So why the association with the Little Red Hen? Because she is me! For good and bad!

Gasp! What? The Little Red Hen is supposed to be the hero of the story. What do you mean?

Little Red Hen (LRH) wants to do things herself.
LRH wants people to know about it while maintaining her independence.
Despite this, sometimes LRH actually does want help.
Maybe the other barnyard animals were busy! Maybe LRH's timing was not good or considerate?
LRH likes to work. I mean, look at all that effort for a loaf of bread!
LRH likes bread.
Sometimes LRH likes to eat it all herself.
Eating it all by herself usually occurs when she is alone and no one can see her eating an entire loaf of bread, batch of cookies, pan of get the idea.

Oh, I could go on for pages about her and what she thinks... Hence the blog.

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